Desert Safaris in Qatar

Qatar is a destination for families and groups because of its large expanse of flat deserts, which serve as a hub for some of the best desert adventure activities. With the dramatic and undefined terrain, these deserts can be identified with excitement as soon as you land on these rolling sand dunes and explore the ups and downs for your Qatar desert safari.

Qatar, the desert of the peninsula in the Gulf of Arabain, is the most fascinating country in the world. Despite its small size with an area of11,437km , the country is considered the most popular destination for tourism, adventure and leisure.

Desert areas in Qatar are Adventure Houses in and around the country that promise you the best activities to make your family vacation full of excitement and adventure. The list of things to do begins with amazing safaris and ends with camel rides to add to the list of fun things to do in Doha with the family.

A Full Day Desert Safari Adventure Day in Doha

A full-day desert safari begins early in the morning and concludes late at night, with meals and activities planned throughout the day. Spending a whole day in Doha’s deserts entails discovering the region’s beautiful beauty, participating in all of the region’s adventures while travelling, and relaxing in the afternoons.

This is an action packed experience with the best adventures like dune raiding or sand boarding and camel rides at night. There are relaxation camps and recreational activities like volleyball or beach activities in Doha.

Quick Exciting Vacation with Half Day Desert Safari in Doha 

Half-day desert safaris are basically for those who want them to be short, adventurous, and exciting. The Qatar desert safari tour starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon, or you can book an afternoon desert safari slot that ends in the evening. You will experience some of the best adventures to get some of the best photographic images of these golden dunes.

Sleeping Outdoors on a Night Safari in the Doha Desert 

Spending a night under the clear sky of Qatar and witnessing the sunset and sunrise is the most enchanting sight. Discover the beauty of the desert at its finest and the night tours are an extraordinary experience not to be missed. The tour usually begins in the afternoon and ends the next day, in the morning. During this time, enjoy your stay in a luxurious and traditional Qatari safari camp, try exciting activities such as camel riding and sand riding, enjoy the most tempting food, and marvel at the serenity of the region.

Plan a comprehensive list of the best adventures and get ready to discover the best attractions Qatar has to offer. With its spectacular deserts, Qatar is a destination well worth your time. From the admirable scenery to the exciting adventures, hold our hand to make it your destination for a family outing. Don’t miss a day in the desert to add even more excitement to your exciting Qatari desert safari.

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