Why Going on a Desert Safari in Qatar Should be on Your Bucket List

Qatar is a popular destination for desert safari experiences; the vastness of the desert landscape, along with the enchanting nature of a morning desert safari in Qatar, will leave you in awe and provide the perfect kickstart to your adventurous day.

Desert safari can be at night or morning, depending on your preference and availability of slots. However, a morning desert safari in Qatar is among the most sought-after desert safaris in the country. The golden glow on the soft sands of the desert during sunrise will help you find the tranquility that you can’t find anywhere in the world other than Qatar.

Benefits of Choosing the Morning Desert Safari Instead of the Evening Desert Safari in Qatar

It is common for tourists to choose the evening desert safari, thinking that the one in the morning will be uncomfortable due to the heat. However, this is a common misconception; desert safari timings are carefully scheduled for the ideal time when the sun is not directly over your head, and there is time to do several activities.

The evening desert safari starts at noon and lasts until dusk, which means there is not enough sunlight to enjoy all the beauty the desert has to offer. Also, during the morning desert safari, there is less crowd as most opt for the evening one, which means you can freely explore the desert without any crowd or hindrances.

What You Can Expect from a Morning Desert Safari in Qatar

Contrary to popular belief, the temperature during morning desert safaris is quite pleasant because of the cool breeze blowing. You can comfortably partake in a list of exciting desert safari activities like sandboarding, dune driving, dune bashing and so on. The dune driving experience is fascinating during the morning safari ride with the added bonus of an expert driver at the wheel who will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.

The Qatari desert boasts a gorgeous inland sea that is considered the jewel in its crown. It’s a little-known natural wonder that is beautiful to witness in real life. It is a beach that can’t be compared to any other beach in the world in terms of how haunting yet spectacular it looks. It is a long journey that you can enjoy during a morning desert safari, as it gives you ample sunlight and time to enjoy this natural formed wonder.

There are a variety of activities you can enjoy in the Qatari desert during the morning safari, along with the provision of mineral water, soft drinks, and special Arabic tea and coffee, which will leave you wanting more.

If you are wondering if you should go for a morning desert safari in Qatar or the evening one, the above-mentioned benefits will help you make the right choice according to what you desire from the safari experience. Contact us for more information regarding the best desert safaris in Qatar.


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