This tour will allow you to Visit a selection of carefully chosen highlights of Qatar's lovely Capital.From its remarkable buildings featuring some of the most stunning architecture to be found anywhere and glimpses into the past, you will be able to sample Doha's unique blend of culture and tradition at the famous Souk waqif Museum of Islamic Art.


The Museum Of Islamic Art-Located in MIA Park on the water, the museum building stands out as an architectural gem. Inside, you can see masterpieces of Islamic art, including metalwork, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, textiles, and glass, hailing from three continents and dating from the 7th to 19th centuries.
The architecture of this beautiful museum is completely stunning. Located in one of the most visited areas of Doha, this museum is a perfect place to visit especially for followers and lovers of Islam. The documentation and other sources that highlight the cultural side of Islam are definitely worth a visit. Apart from that, there are also prayer rooms for visiting Muslims. One of the highlights of this place is definitely the high-end restaurant serving exquisite French cuisine with a hint of Arabic flavors.You must also visit the MIA Park here, which is simply breathtaking. No wonder Qataris have more than one reason to be thankful to the architect of the museum of Islamic Art-I.M.Pei.
Katara Cultural Village- What makes Katara Cultural Village such an exceptional beauty in Doha is its retro style and huge collection of arts activities that you won't find anywhere else among the tall buildings. The village is on the east coast of Qatar and overlooks the beauty of West Bay and The PearlQatar. In addition, Katara Cultural Village Qatar is a recreation center or entertainment and leisure center that offers everything from water rides to beach access.
Katara Culture Village is home to some of the inspiring works of famous artisans of the time, where an art lover can discover a wide variety of cultures. The area is dotted with various attractions such as an amphitheater, art galleries, an opera, and Katara restaurants.

The main attractions in Katara Cultural Village are-

  1.  Building number 16- All cultural events, exhibitions and workshops organized by Katara Cultural Village take place in Building number 16.
  2. 21 High St-Take a stroll, admire the architectural beauty and shop. With cooling techniques and open spaces, 21 High St is a quiet place where you can relax in the summer and window-shop the stylish outlets.
  3. Greek Amphitheater -Now you can see the excellence of architecture in the Greek Amphitheater that will transport you back in time to Roman times.
  4. Al Thuraya Planetarium- Explore the Al Thuraya Planetarium with your family on your family tour of Katara, which is one of the most sophisticated attractions equipped with the use of high technology for an exceptional experience of a walk under the stars.

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